How do I add more resistance to my workouts?

You can either add additional bands to the hand clips or use a wider foot position to shorten the length of your resistance bands. See image below.

Foot Position

Should I stretch before or after a workout?

Muscles are best stretched when they are warm. It is best to stretch before a workout if you have already done a warm up like jogging or a form of moderate cardio. If you are crunched on time, like I usually am, then stretching them after a workout is usually best. You may also want to lightly stretch muscles that are sore from yesterday’s workout. Stretching will improve your flexibility.

If I don’t reach failure, do I keep going with more reps?

This answer is based on experience. For individuals with little experience working out you should just try to reach the recommended rep range, with the last 2 or 3 reps being very difficult to complete. As you advance in the program you should be able to choose a weight that will allow you to reach failure within a few reps of the highest recommended rep range. If you can do more then immediately drop the weight and make it heavier once you realize you will blow the rep range out of the water. You can also try to slow the reps down and try to control each one, focusing on more perfect form to achieve the failure point quicker. Either way, adjust the weight accordingly for the next set and be sure to write down your current weight lifted to avoid future confusion.

Is it better to stay in plank and go down in weight, or go to knees with the same weight?

First and foremost you should be working the body part that you are supposed to be working. Plank is the added bonus with an amazing range of benefits. So form is the key here, and it varies on different lifts. For instance, I am usually staying in plank for most of my sets during Plank Razor Side Flys, and dropping weight every set. But for Plank Razor Curls, I hit my knees early to maintain form, and keep the same weight. If you are executing great form, with an imaginary line from your head to your toes, then dropping to your knees is ok and varies with all strength levels. The body part being worked should be your first objective.

How do I modify my workout based on goals, i.e. lose fat, tone or build muscle?

Adjusting calories is the main way to do this. The Nutritionist app spells it out, but it is about consuming calories from different sources. To gain muscle you will need more calories, and to lose fat you will need to be burning more than you are consuming. Also, I have a suggested 20 minutes of moderate cardio added to every day after a workout if your goal is fat loss. On the Wednesdays and Saturdays I highly suggest doing the cardio for fat loss.

Can I bounce between beginner and advanced or do I need to stick with one?

You can go back and forth. I set up both sides for a few reasons. One is the problem people may have with limited gym equipment. I use the beginner side when I travel and I have to workout in my hotel room, the same way as others might workout at home and they may have to switch lifts in order to match what they have. Another is that someone might be on the edge of transition from beginner to advanced, but simply isn’t ready to tackle the dead lift yet with proper form, so they can opt for the beginner side to replace that lift. Having said that, I do not expect you to go to the beginner just because you do not want to throw some weight around! Get in and get after it! Just stay smart.

Can I mix days or should I always start with day one?

Always start with day 1 and do the days in order. They are designed that way and should not be mixed around. Also, do the lifts in the order that they are written. Do not jump around. At the programs core it is a 4 day program, so if nothing else, get the four days of weight training in.

If I am sore, should I wait a day to workout?

You should always consult a physician before starting this or any other workout plan. If you experience pain, get a qualified expert to look at it. Having said that, do not mistake soreness with injury. Sometimes the best thing for the aches and pains is to work through them, but be smart about it. DO NOT dive right in after you are sore. Ease into the lifts with just a few pounds less than normal to test the waters before you really get after it.

Do I use the Razor for every exercise in your program?

No. You will use it every day for at least one lift. Some days you only use it for a set, and others it is for every set. The design must be that way as it is so demanding on the core.

Do I have to do this workout at home?

This program is designed to be able to complete the entire 12 weeks in home, in the gym, or a combination of both.

If I do not know how to do the workouts, where can I learn?

The Razor Hybrid Crossover is packaged with a dvd that has tutorials for the various movements in the program. Also, every single movement using the Razor, and all other lifts, are on the website either in video or picture format.

Where should I position my hand that is not holding the Razor in the plank position?

There are 3 standard positions that vary with each lift. One is the standard push up position. Two is just above the shoulder. Three is just below the shoulder. The main spot should be where you are most comfortable with. Refer to the instructional exercises on this site for exact hand placement.

How long should it take before seeing results?

Many are saying that week two they are feeling stronger and standing taller. Most results are beginning to be seen about the end of week 3. Then, of course, you get out of the program what you put in to it. The ones that are following the program to a tee and simply killing their workouts are seeing amazing results at week 6.

How do I get tips on form correction?

You will need to study the exercises on this site and in the dvd to try to master the form. You should always try to focus on the body part being worked and try to find the mind muscle connection. Start with glute to heel form before attempting the plank knees form, and definitely before moving up to the true plank form. It might take a few weeks to master if you are a beginner, but it I promise it will be worth it to watch your physique hit a whole new level!

How long do the workouts last?

Most of the workouts average around 30 to 45 minutes. If you have a partner, then some will last longer. If executed by yourself with the correct time in between each set, then you should be done in less than 45 minutes.

Can I skip days and double them up?

I do not recommend this as these are intense workouts that are meant to have a good amount of rest in between them for full recovery. If you must, I would say doing them at least 12 hours apart (one in the a.m., and one in the p.m.) would be the only way.

Have you seen a comparable tool?

There is nothing else that compares to all the things the Razor can do. It is built to last with a three year limited warranty, and can be used in the gym, in home, and is compact enough to travel with. There is nothing else that can deliver all of that, and also give you twice the results!

Can you do this workout with past back or shoulder injuries?

Always consult a physician before starting this or any fitness program. It depends on if you are cleared by your physician. If so, then yes. I broke my back when I was 17 and my back is stronger now than it has ever been. In fact it is worse if I don’t lift. This program could actually improve an injury if proper form is maintained and under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Why am I getting burns on my forearm from the Razor?

This is from not executing proper form. Your elbow should be up, and your forearm away from the rim of the tire. This is what I call the auto form corrector. You should stop and adjust your form if your arms are rubbing on the tires. Refer to the exercises on this site for further instructions. If you are not strong enough then you should stay in the beginner side of the program and perfect those lifts.

What if my workout partner and I are at different skill levels?

This is perfectly fine. An example might be a husband and wife that are at different levels. You can still start on the same day and you will be doing the same sets, reps, and body parts. The difference is the rest period. You can still use the time your partner does the exercise for your rest period, and spotting. It is more important to have a spotter and support than it is to follow the recommended rep range. Support and partners will be a huge part of your success in this program.

What supplements, if any, would you recommend for a beginner?

I would recommend a high quality whey protein for starters. Supplements should be used to “supplement” what you cannot get in naturally through healthy food choices or because of time. Then a pre-workout supplement such as 1.M.R. would be the next step. Pre-workout supplements are used to heighten concentration and energy. My focus and intensity is so much higher when I use one, so the benefits are measureable.

Can you be too young for this program?

You need to have your parents permission if you are under the age of 18. After that always consult your physician if you are unsure and it should be a family decision to pursue the fitness lifestyle and program at a young age.

How long do your lifting sessions last?

I put my headphones on, get in a zone, use a stopwatch and simply get after it. I get lost during my workouts! The longest they are is 50 minutes and they can be as short as 20 minutes. The program uses different timed intervals day to day. Some days I only have 60 seconds between each set, and other days I have 3 minutes.

How did you become a fitness model/spokes model?

A good friend of mine, John Rahn, gave me this advice and I will pass it on…enter all the contests you can! I entered the 2010 BodySpace Spokesmodel contest in September of 2009 and won it at the L.A. fit expo in January of 2010. This was the first contest of any kind I had entered and it kick started my career. The next piece of advice is to not wait to be discovered, and begin to network yourself. If you are in a big city like New York or L.A., then hiring an agent to find you work is a good idea. But if I am honest, all the work I have found is from my own making. Get out there and don’t be afraid to ask.

What is the Second Chance Warranty?

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